Code of Conduct

We want you to have a memorable wedding event and will endeavor to make it as stress free as possible. For this purpose we have established the following rules.

  • Smathers Beach has a zero alcohol policy and so do we. We strongly emphasize advising your guests to act appropriately before and during the ceremony. Your wedding should be a memorable event and a happy gathering. We will take appropriate action if we consider any disorderly and/or disruptive conduct threatens guests, employees or property.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony so any last minute issues can be resolved with wedding coordinator before the start time. We will start on time. If you are late beyond fifteen minutes from the ceremony start time (except in the case of a rain delay) we reserve the right to cancel the ceremony and your payments forfeited. There may be other ceremonies on schedule for the same day and we are respectful of their time.
  • Decorations must not be removed from the ceremony site. They are property of Weddings by SeaLily.
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