Facilitating Other Vendors

When you contract with us we will work with you to provide you a list of local vendors to meet your wedding day needs. It is your responsibility to reserve, contract and pay for these services.

  1. Photography and video - as part of our services we will take photographs and provide you with unedited copies of all photographs related to your wedding. We understand the importance of your choices and the particularity of each couple when it comes to your life memories and wedding albums and welcome as many photographers/videographers as you want. It is your responsibility to contract and pay for their services.
  2. Reception Location - if you wish to have a reception we can provide you with locations that host receptions that match your needs. You are responsible for contract and payment according to their terms and conditions.
  3. Catering - you may need to arrange for outside catering depending on you reception location or maybe just for the wedding cake. Let us know what you have in mind.
  4. Hair stylists/nails/ makeup - we will be happy to find a cosmetology professional to meet your needs for this special day. You are responsible for payment of services according to their terms and conditions.
  5. Wedding dress rentals - in the event you need to rent a wedding dress for this occasion we will provide you with a list of local renters. They can help you select and tailor. Fitting and tailoring are the most critical aspects of a rental dress and should be scheduled days in advance.
  6. Music - All our themed packages include a PA system that will play wedding themes with your instrument of choice or link to your personal device for your song or tune of choice. Live music (flute, violin, steelband, guitar) can also be arranged at an additional cost.
  7. Fresh Flowers - all of our theme packages are beautifully decorated with high quality silk flower arrangements that are very close to the real thing. If you do wish to have fresh flowers please let us know. Fresh flowers carry an additional cost and florists reserve the right to change flower types depending on availability.
  8. Bouquet and Boutonniere - our premium packages include hand tied floral bouquet and boutonniere for the couple. Our designer can also work with you to design a unique floral and seashell signature bouquet and boutonniere.


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