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It is very important you understand and comprehend the terms of our weather policy. Key West typically enjoys gorgeous sunny tropical weather all year long. Being in the tropics means the weather can be unpredictable and storms and showers can develop in minutes. The formation and paths of these small systems are impossible to predict and even when they show up on radar it is hard to determine where the rain or thunderstorm will come ashore. They are usually short lived and pass through quickly and we can get on with the ceremony. Tropical storms from the Atlantic do allow for a few days warning but their path is also hard to predict. We take into consideration the safety of our employees and guests. Before we set up any wedding we will check the local weather forecasts, national and local satellite and radar information to ensure the beach venue will not be affected by prolonged rain or thunderstorms at the scheduled ceremony time. We are committed to the ceremony schedule come sunshine, winds or clouds.

We recommend scheduling the wedding ceremony at the beginning or middle of your stay in Key West in case the ceremony needs to be rescheduled for weather related issues. If it rains on your scheduled time and day and it is not a passing storm we will work with you to reschedule based on availability. We will not “bump” any of our reserved customers. We recommend you ask if your hotel/resort allows you to hold the ceremony in an indoor site in case of rain and rescheduling is not an option. We can also suggest other local venues. You are responsible to pay any deposits and site fees. Rain and thunderstorms are acts of nature which are out of our control and no refunds or credits are given for cancellations. The only exception is if a Hurricane evacuation of the lower keys is ordered and your ceremony was scheduled during that time. Please contact us with any questions.

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